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An Italian Cure for Boring Content

Every company seems to be cranking out loads of content these days. Good for them. 

Unfortunately, most of that content is…boring. 

Engaging content doesn’t only inform – it also entertains.

One way to liven things up is to watch Il Postino, the beautiful Italian film about innocence and poetry and love. The 1994 classic reminds us about the extraordinary power metaphors have to communicate and persuade.

 Mario, our bumbling yet endearing hero, is spellbound by Beatrice, the most gorgeous woman in town. He's handsome, he's sweet, but he's way too shy to make a move. 

How can Mario woo her?

Thanks to Pablo Neruda, Mario discovers metaphorical poetry and learns that through Beatrice’s mind, he can capture her heart.

 If you want to woo customers with valuable content, consider taking a page from Mario. Try using metaphors, or a metaphorical device, to frame your content. 

Comparisons transform the abstract to the practical, helping people relate to the essence of your blog post, e-book, whatever you’re publishing.

Spell out situations or ideas that involve the same mindset necessary for choosing your offering. 

For example, allow me to be totally self-serving for a moment. Years ago (or was it over a decade ago?), I wrote a whitepaper for an on-demand software company. We compared the company's ability to deliver instant software upgrades with the instant availability of electricity:

"Imagine if enterprise software upgrades were as easy as turning on a light switch?"

Align your content with a familiar concept, and you'll be that much closer to your readers’ minds, and thus their hearts.

As for finding a soul mate, you’re on your own with that one.