James DeKoven
Writer & Content Strategist


Let’s tell great stories together

Leaders and entrepreneurs come to me to grow their personal reputations and establish themselves as original thinkers. Some ask me to tell their life stories. As a ghostwriter, I’ll transform your ideas into compelling articles, books, blog posts, and other content.

Like a psychologist, my primary responsibility is to ask the right questions so we can mine the gems of your ideas, and shed light on perspectives you may not have considered. Then I’m able to tell your story with conviction, with accuracy, in your voice.

For over two decades I’ve advised executives on brand, marketing, and creative strategy. With that expertise I can quickly assess your needs and suggest ideas that align with your goals. And because I’ve worked with over 400 clients across dozens of industries and topics, I’ll immediately understand the context of your situation.

Ghostwriting for Books

There are many reasons to write a book: To become a thought leader, to raise the profile of your company, or simply to express an opinion. Whatever the case, completing a book involves both a time and financial commitment.

The process

  • Shape and refine the book concept

  • Interviews and research

  • Develop the book outline and sequence of chapters

  • I deliver draft of one chapter to assure we’re going in the right direction

  • I deliver complete manuscript (this can take 3-12 months depending on complexity of the book)

  • Revisions

  • Editing and publishing

Ghostwriting for Articles

For many clients I create ongoing social media content programs, which means we publish consistently (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.) By keeping your name in front of readers, you develop a loyal audience and make a lasting impression. In addition to writing, I’ll suggest ideas that align with your goals and strategy.

The process

It’s simple. I conduct interviews and perform research, and then create an outline. I’ll send a draft, you edit where necessary and we’re ready to publish.

How we collaborate

Hiring a ghostwriter is like dating. There has to be trust and comfort. We have to genuinely like each other and have equal enthusiasm for the project. Let’s get to know each other and see if there’s a fit.

Call me at 415-505-7702